Tactical Planning

Knowing where you want to go is one thing -- knowing how to get there is entirely another. can help. Smart planning will help keep your Oracle development project on schedule and on budget.

Focus on requirements

We'll help gather project requirements, and make sure they're correct, and complete. Then we'll show you how Oracle portals and portlets can give you quick wins -- fast, easy ways of presenting the data your portal needs.

Define the project's direction

Complex projects can lose focus without a well-defined direction. We'll share our full life-cycle development experience and show you how to plan for each step of the way to successful completion.

Save time and money

Using the wrong requirements or failing to keep a project headed toward the right goals can waste countless hours of your development team's time and work. Put's experience and expertise to work for you right from the start -- your project will run faster and smoother, and the results will show it.

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