Design Assessment

Good design ensures that your Oracle portal delivers the right features to its users and reduces the amount of work required on the back end.'s Expert Design Assessment will show you how to make your portal even more valuable for your users, and easier to maintain for you.

Develop with confidence

Engaging early in the process of designing and customizing your Oracle portal saves you time and money in the long run. Our innovative portal design expertise will help you get it right the first time, and save you the stress and effort -- and inevitable, costly redesigns -- of learning as you go.

Target your portal

We'll start by studying the types of users your portal serves, analyzing their needs, and determining what available Oracle features will serve them best. Focusing on your users gives them greater value, and streamlines your own efforts at the same time.

Enhance the visual design

A portal's visual design affects its users' ability to find what they're looking for. will evaluate your portal's presentation and show how the best practices of the industry can be applied to improve both its visual appeal and its effectiveness.

Learn from our expertise will present you with all our recommendations in the form of thoroughly documented reports, wire frames, or other diagrams or documents as appropriate. We will also recommend other specific avenues for further inquiry and research.

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